• To help the needy
• To build confidence to the broken hearted
• To mend broken families and marriages
• To feed the poor and provide shelter to the homeless
• To educate the needy and heal the sick

• Save the lost and the perishing souls;
• Create awareness of the Kingdom minded believers for Kingdom living;
• Back to the New Testament church (Acts 2: )
• Revive a church without blameless

• Feeding, clothing, and providing shelter for the needy, orphans, disadvantaged and those who are poverty stricken.
• Rural and urban indoor and outdoor revivals;
• Outreach programs to deprived communities through:
- Skills development and training
- Feeding scheme
- Healthcare (Free medical care)
- All believers Gospel concert (Africa praise to unite)
- All believers Acknowledgement Awards ceremony
- Young ministers and upcoming support centre
- Creating employment for a basic christian living
- Church workers and pastors conference (national and international)

• Create business opportunities
• Set christian schools
• Open healthcare centre and clinic
• Open Old Age Homes
• Open Homes for Orphans, the sickly and disabled

Core values
• Christ like values based on:
- Humanity-Ubuntu
- Love
- Unity
- Mutual Respect
- Integrity
- Accountability

Sirom's Overview
It is an Non-government organisation “NGO” which will solely focus on outreach work to assist and develop deprived communities, for underpriviledged christians to live a basic christian life.

SIROM will partner with Kings Palace Chapel International “KPCI” since Apostle Sammy is the founder of KPCI. It will also partner with relevant departments/ ministries under the auspices of KPCI to carry out this mandate.