Men's Ministry

Goals / Vision of the Men’s ministry

1. To bring souls to the house of God, and to have more than five hundred men before the end of this year.

2. When these people are in our church we must teach them the Word of Go so that they become kingdom minded. 3. We must invite people to our church whenever we are in taxis, buses at funerals, at hospitals and at shopping complexes.

4. Monday, Thursdays and Fridays some of us should go and preach in hospital, because most of those people do not attend church and most of them are longing for the Word of God.

5. All these including Saturday afternoon where our youth will play games.

6. Every morning on a Saturday we have also open are where our worship team sings to the public and when have one or two Pastors who will minister the Word of God. After that we give our old clothes to the needy.

7. In all our outings when we finish Pastors must pray for the sick, all those who have financial and marriage troubles are assisted.