Evangelism and Follow Up Team (Evangelism Page)

The Evangelism and Follow Up team leads Kings Palace Chapel in its vision to spread the gospel within our communities and beyond. This department helps us fulfill the Lord's commandment in Matt 10v7 and Luke 9v2. They work alongside the Intercessory & Welfare department to schedule prayer walks at strategic places in our locality and as the Holy Spirit leads. In addition to the above, they ensure that church leaflets, literature and tracts are available for distribution at all times. They are always seeking for ways to improve our evangelistic efforts and ensuring that KPCI is relevant to the local community

Goal of the Evangelism & Follow Up Ministry

The goal of the Evangelism & Follow Up Ministry is to:

a. Follow up all the First Time visitors to the church,

b. Meet members from time to time especially those who have missed services for one reason or another,

c. Ensure that house/cell meetings are held in each area,and d. Visit church members as the need arises. e. Organizes Evangelism outreaches and soul winning projects within East London and surrounding areas and its environments.

f. Evangelism & Follow Up team is to plan to reach the World for Jesus, one person at a time. Plans to partner with other evangelism agencies and outreach ministry to organise evangelism projects or outreach is encouraged.

g. Counsels people with Godly counsels and follow up with visitations, prayers and other forms of support until the person stabilizes and is fully restored.

h. The evangelism & follow up team takes the responsibility to:

(i) To adequately minister to the spiritual and emotional need of the KPCI members.

(ii) To help new believers know God better so they can get rooted in their new faith.

(iii) To reach out and encourage backsliders in faith and those who have left KPCI because they felt they are not being ministered to.

(iv) To pray with people needing prayer regarding any matter. To create a visitation procedure for new and needing members.

The Evangelism & Follow Up team must work very closely with the pastorate, feeding back the needs of the First time visitors, new converts and members. This team is a caring team that is constantly ensuring that the needs of all groups of people listed above are met.